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Egyptian Mau


The origin of this breed dates back 3500 years ago. The Egyptian Mau is probably a direct descendant of the cats of ancient Egypt. In many tombs statues of spotted cats have been found in Thebes 1850 - 1650 BC. Even the walls of the tombs have spotted cats displayed, but not to such an extent to be clear that this was meant to be an exact breed. Mau is one of the most common breeds in northeast Africa. The history of breeding begins in 1953 when the Russian breeder, Princess Natalie Trubeckaja, got herself two Maus. In 1956 the Mau came to the U.S. Breeding lines in Great Britain are quite different. Mau came to Britain directly from Egypt in 1978. CFA recognized the breed in 1977. Word Mau means cat in Egyptian so it sometimes can be found under the name of an Egyptian cat. Today’s Mau is much calmer and more affectionate than its ancestors.


Body: The medium long body, graceful, showing well developed muscular strength. (Its weight varies from 2.5 - 5 kg). Loose skin flap that extends from the flank to the knee of the hind leg is typical sign of Egyptian Mau that allows for very rapid movement of the cat. Fine and elegant legs are long and in proportion to the body. Feet are small and compact; the rear legs are longer than the front, so the topline toward the tail rises, giving the appearance of being on tiptoe when standing upright.

The head is slightly rounded wedge without flat planes, medium length. Profile shows a gentle contour with a slight rise from the bridge of the nose to forehead.

Medium to large ears are broad at the base, alert and moderately pointed. Inner ear has a delicate, almost transparent shell pink. The hair on the ears is short and close lying. Ears may be tufted. Large, almond in shape eyes, neither round nor oriental; with a slight slant towards the ears and their colour is described as gooseberry ("gooseberry").

One of the most striking features is much spotted tabby pattern, not due to selection in breeding, but this breed from the beginning. Round patches must be as pure as possible and clearly bounded. Egyptian Mau occurs in three different colours - bronze, silver and smoke, very rarely are born black coloured kittens that are not recognized by the FIFe. The coat is short, glossy and much coarser than that of the British cats.

The Egyptian Mau is alive and active and not just at a young age, plenty of objects to play and climbing equipment is therefore essential household. Mau required by the company and does not tolerate solitude. I like cuddling, stroking, and requires very affectionate. It is very common and relates well with other cats, as well as with small children, dogs and the like. The voice of these cats is very gentle and melodic, and can operate up to a soothing feeling.

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